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City Invincible Medical Saint audio latest full

City Invincible Medical Saint

Floating 01
4956 chapters
1 month ago
Ordinary student Li Tianchen accidentally obtained the inheritance of his ancestor Li Shenyi. From then on, with the help of universal medicine, he turned over once, stepped on the arrogant and evil forces, and slapped his face for the second generation, attracting the little Lolita next door to hug
Immortal Becomes a Stay-at-home Dad After Return audio latest full

Immortal Becomes a Stay-at-home Dad After Return

Shui Shan
567 chapters
1 month ago
A thousand years ago, Mo Xun was accidentally swallowed by a spatial crack and entered the cultivation world. A thousand years later, he came back from his ordeal, but only seven years had passed on Earth! Not only had the love from back then not left, it had even given birth to a child for him! As
Reborn in Hong Kong: The Tycoon Grows Up audio latest full

Reborn in Hong Kong: The Tycoon Grows Up

Ann's life
1782 chapters
1 month ago
In the past life, he was an aerodynamic engineer of a well-known company, and in this life, he is a college student of a famous school. When the two identities are perfectly integrated, what sparks will appear. His life experience is also slowly uncovering the mystery, whether he can beat the tycoon
Gate of Technology audio latest full

Gate of Technology

Running Black Ants
1152 chapters
1 month ago
“Magic is to the left, technology is to the right.” Cheng Yuan was dumbfounded when he saw two doors suddenly appearing in front of him, with two completely different breaths. As a good young man in the new century, Cheng Yuan walked toward the left door without hesitation. “Sorry, your intelligen
Divine Cultivation System audio latest full

Divine Cultivation System

Charter East
5199 chapters
1 month ago
An accident caused Qin Shaofeng, an otaku, to travel through and rebirth into another world, becoming the young master of the Qin family in the Blue River City of Lianyang Country. What cultivation base was abolished? Dantian can’t be repaired? Don’t be afraid, we have a god-level cultivation system
I Want To Be a Rich Man on Hong Kong Island audio latest full

I Want To Be a Rich Man on Hong Kong Island

I am A Doubufu
697 chapters
1 month ago
Wu Guangyao, who traveled to 1947, chose to continue running without hesitation and came to Hong Kong. The first step is to take the road of “Four Uncle” Li Zhaoji and open a gold and silver shop to do foreign exchange; the second step is to take the road of Dongying YKK, importing German automatic
Indulge in Life in America audio latest full

Indulge in Life in America

Fawn loves chubby
2118 chapters
1 month ago
In May, the spring breeze is warm, everything recovers, and the warm sun lights up the entire Big Apple City.
Comeback 1992 audio latest full

Comeback 1992

first rain rainbow
1238 chapters
1 month ago
What if life could be repeated? But he became the clan uncle who was once called a lunatic? Alas, wearing open-crotch pants in front of me, crawling on the ground, is it my two-year-old self? I originally wanted to give my former self more New Year’s money, but I never thought that I would go from a
God-level Big Mine Owner audio latest full

God-level Big Mine Owner

Colorful shells
1315 chapters
1 month ago
The world’s largest mining company is undoubtedly the Xudong Mining Group. No one is a super giant. As the owner of this super giant, he is known as the “God-level Big Mine Owner” in the industry.
Select the President of the Billionaire Group at the Beginning audio latest full

Select the President of the Billionaire Group at the Beginning

Jian Ruo Liu Shui
1690 chapters
1 month ago
Didi driver Ye Chen crossed to obtain the selection system. The special passenger selection task can be activated randomly. The beautiful president, rewards Pagani limited edition sports car, the charm value + one hundred billion group president. Second-tier female star, Gulfstream G550 luxury priva
God Level Golden Eye audio latest full

God Level Golden Eye

White Horse God
2311 chapters
1 month ago
Song Yun moved a brick on the construction site, not wanting to obtain the inheritance of the ancient beasts, and obtained the “God-level Golden Eye”. Others rely on Mongolia to pick up leaks, and Song Yun picks up leaks like drinking water. Shang bronze, Tang Sancai, Song and Yuan five palace kiln
Invincible Dragon Development System audio latest full

Invincible Dragon Development System

4552 chapters
1 month ago
Transform into a dragon and dominate the world! In the ocean, he is the only dragon and built the underwater dragon palace. Shrimp soldiers and crabs will follow right and left, and the underwater wild sharks and giant octopuses are the younger brothers. In the city, he travels to the city….
Back To Qiqi Farming To Raise Children audio latest full

Back To Qiqi Farming To Raise Children

807 chapters
1 month ago
Xu Shiyan was reborn back to forty years ago, the second day of his wedding. Shui Lingling’s daughter-in-law has just entered the house, and everything is off to the best start. Farming, hunting, going to the mountains to dig a big ginseng, life in the 1970s was actually quite good. I didn’t have mu
Dragon Released From Prison, Stunning CEO Falls In Love With Me audio latest full

Dragon Released From Prison, Stunning CEO Falls In Love With Me

Du E
598 chapters
3 months ago
Upon returning home from prison, Xiao Chen unexpectedly stumbled upon his girlfriend and enemy in bed.Cut off the grudges, turn around and get involved with the stunning CEO. Peach Blossoms come one after another, Miss Qingcheng, and the confident female general"Non propriety, non propriety! If you
Myriad Worlds Food Delivery System audio latest full

Myriad Worlds Food Delivery System

Krypton King
2125 chapters
1 month ago
When Ye Chen was eight years old, the veteran fortune teller said: When you were eighteen years old, you added a yellow robe to your companions!I believe in you, damn old man! The yellow work clothes of the delivery staff are also yellow robe added?In the end, Ye Chen really became a delivery man wi
Great Artist audio latest full

Great Artist

Qiqijia d cat cat
2393 chapters
1 month ago
He is the most watched big star in the world, he is the first person in the entertainment industry who does not do his job properly, and he is a popular favorite in Hollywood! You may have just watched the commercial movie he starred in this year, and even the most ordinary roles are amazing; you ma
Rising America audio latest full

Rising America

1902 chapters
1 month ago
Single father Kim Hyun-tae and his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter "Coco"were involved in an accident due to an improperly piloted spacecraft by a Namike star primary school student.In order to escape the punishment of the Universe Alliance, the alien elementary school students resurrected Kim Hyun
Black Technology Research and Development Center audio latest full

Black Technology Research and Development Center

Where Walnut
1185 chapters
1 month ago
“Hao Brother … I failed …” A young man stood in front of Wang Hao, his face lost his soul. “I don’t understand in business. This is a database made in my spare time. You can use it .. It can accommodate one million players.” Wang Hao said lightly. “…” The young man looked demented .. His face couldn
Rebel Licking Dog: The Female Leads Eavesdropped On My Inner Voice And Collectively Chased Me Back! audio latest full

Rebel Licking Dog: The Female Leads Eavesdropped On My Inner Voice And Collectively Chased Me Back!

Burning Eagle
588 chapters
3 months ago
Suan traveled through time and was directly stuffed into a mindless novel by the system, becoming the biggest villain in the book, wealthy and handsome!Unfortunately, this big villain has a bad brain and must be the licking dog of the female lead!So Su An gave up. Whoever wants to be this licking do
Rebirth of the Urban Immortal audio latest full

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal

Luo Shu
3782 chapters
1 month ago
“One Generation Immortal Venerable” Luo Chen was attacked and reborn and returned to Earth. He is an ordinary person, facing the contempt of his girlfriend, the ridicule of his rivals, the miserable life of his parents, and the threats and provocations of the rich and young. He vowed to change the i
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