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Jagged Germany audio latest full

Jagged Germany

tearful fish wyj
1785 chapters
7 days ago
Might is truth!Iron-blooded Prime Minister Bismarck once said: “To solve major contemporary problems, we cannot rely on speeches and parliamentary resolutions… we must rely on iron and blood.”Qin Tian, ​​a military enthusiast, was reborn as the fifth son of William II, Prince Oscar . Originally, he
Special Forces God Level Extraction System audio latest full

Special Forces God Level Extraction System

Crazy carat
1579 chapters
6 days ago
When I woke up, I found myself in the world of "Special Forces Series"and had a god-level extraction system.Host, please extract [Big Tiger] blood to gain bite force and jungle coercive ability.Host, please extract [Diamond] energy to obtain the impervious body of King Kong.Host, please extract [Mor
I Have a Special Forces System audio latest full

I Have a Special Forces System

Ghost girl
1746 chapters
6 days ago
Traveling to the world of “I Am a Special Force”, assisted by the special forces system, he is a well-deserved actor, special forces, and pilot. Make-up penetration, relying solely on performance, has achieved the ultimate in every arms, and is a well-deserved king of the soldiers.
President Make a Unrivalled country In Another World audio latest full

President Make a Unrivalled country In Another World

16 chapters
6 days ago
Magami Satoru is Prime Minister of Japan. Died because Plane Accident. His soul is taken by God, God send Satoru to Another World. Satoru Have Ability to start A a country with Summonning bulding, People, Army, Military Purpose. He is so lucky, Woman around Him, Gold, Ability, and Unrivalled Country
Total War System audio latest full

Total War System

191 chapters
6 days ago
about a fella who loved Total war and its games while playing a game of total war warhammer 2 he lost his main army due to a ambush while streaming and he in rage threw a cod style Tomahawk at his wall in anger but it rebounded and hit him square between the eyes thus ending his life while streaming
Rangers of the Three Kingdoms audio latest full

Rangers of the Three Kingdoms

Hu Bao
440 chapters
6 days ago
The three kingdoms will rise, who will fight, and see how I can achieve my own hegemony in this chaotic world. The world is filled with beauties, can it be settled by both sides?
The Strongest Arms Dealer audio latest full

The Strongest Arms Dealer

1168 chapters
6 days ago
If I calm down, the whole world will bow down! ! Every fighter is his tool to make money. The Lord of War is what people call him. But he prefers to be called a businessman, a standard-bearer who leads special business to the top! “The most meaningful thing I have done in my life is to depose Locke
Since I Was a Special Soldier audio latest full

Since I Was a Special Soldier

Nalan Lingyun
1548 chapters
6 days ago
Traveling to the world of “I Am a Special Force”, supported by the auxiliary engine, he gradually became the king of all soldiers, special forces, signal soldiers, pilots, etc., in every field of arms, he has achieved the ultimate, and he has become the king of all soldiers. !
Corpse: I am a Zombie audio latest full

Corpse: I am a Zombie

Fei Yi Nv Sheng
319 chapters
6 days ago
An innocent zombie: "Why are you trying to kill me..."In the face of such brutal slaughter, would it be able to survive?
An Easy Death audio latest full

An Easy Death

21 chapters
6 days ago
No detail more
Love or Vengeance audio latest full

Love or Vengeance

7 chapters
6 days ago
It's the year 2075. Tanaka Yamato is a normal boy who lives a happy life with his parents. But one day things suddenly go bad as both his parents are murdered by a masked person in front of his eyes. Yamato now vowed to find his parents killer and get revenge. But what will he do when he finds the k
Warfare's Ultimate Frontier audio latest full

Warfare's Ultimate Frontier

162 chapters
6 days ago
[Note] You can preorder the first volume at this link here will be from chapter 1-77, and the content will be
A Mercenary's War audio latest full

A Mercenary's War

125 chapters
6 days ago
Gao Yang is a carefree young man who had lived his entire life in China as a metropolitan. Inspired by his obsession with survival shows and war games, he attempts to realize his fantasies by taking a small vacation to Africa in hopes of getting the chance to shoot with a real gun. As he flies acros
Adventures of Alexander audio latest full

Adventures of Alexander

4 chapters
6 days ago
Honestly have no idea what this is. I just wrote something random and was hoping for some feed back on how my writing
The Lunatic Merciful person audio latest full

The Lunatic Merciful person

yu qing mu
116 chapters
6 days ago
The Central Plains was built side by side with the Hundred Kingdoms.The powers of each nation were about the same, but after the fall of the only empire in the country, the Empire of Chu and Tang, they waged a full-scale war for the throne.The flames of war swirled around him as his spirit was burnt
The Black Market audio latest full

The Black Market

203 chapters
6 days ago
Friction between several big countries escalated in the year 2040 when the world almost ran out of natural resources.In the same year, a terrifying group of unknown individuals surfaced in the world. They numbered more than several hundred thousands, and to think that such a monstrous group was cont
Silent Shell Case audio latest full

Silent Shell Case

34 chapters
6 days ago
Coming here and guarding this place was like walking into a minefield. You don't know if you'll be able to complain about the food in the cookhouse the next second. They were the soldiers of the Republic who were guarding this place. Here, there was no happiness or peace, only the terror left behind
Mercenaries Under the Sky audio latest full

Mercenaries Under the Sky

102 chapters
6 days ago
Zhang Minghai was tired of the army's monotonous military career. Under the recommendation of the commander, he came to the Eagle Hunter Special Forces. Why don't men bring Wu Gou and fight to the death for their country!
One In The Chamber audio latest full

One In The Chamber

15 chapters
6 days ago
Bits of wood and white dust exploded above my head as I knelt over the polymer box. I kept low to the ground to avoid being shot. My ears rang and everything was muffled as I went back to pulling out the equipment I had left inside. Plate carrier, check; Bug out bag, check; Magazines, check; Pistol,
Absolute Honor audio latest full

Absolute Honor

Yan Qiguan
1286 chapters
6 days ago
This is a top-secret force without a designation, but it is China’s most powerful and mysterious special operations force. Every top special force is proud to join this elite elite force. When the superior Qin Fei walked into the base of this unit on the first day, he stood for a long time in front
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