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Rebirth: Peasant Girl is Good at Farming audio latest full

Rebirth: Peasant Girl is Good at Farming

Lin Dong Yi Zhi
665 chapters
9 days ago
Once transmigrated, the Mob Queen became a small peasant girl and was given a small bun.Her parents were biased, while her siblings disliked her. Her father, aunt, and brother bullied the weak and feared the strong. Was her eccentric grandfather trying to sell her for money? She also wanted to get i
Hope Should I Win Your Heart audio latest full

Hope Should I Win Your Heart

qi ge
263 chapters
9 days ago
Consort was also a concubine, so why bother about rank?She hadn't intended to do it, but now that she had been ordered by the heavens to enter the palace as a concubine, every step of the way was just to protect herself.However, the human heart is not the same, but some people always want to put him
Rebirth Of Revengeful Legitimate Daughter audio latest full

Rebirth Of Revengeful Legitimate Daughter

100 chapters
9 days ago
In her previous life, she had been framed by her family and had fallen step by step. In the middle of the night, only after her sister-in-law and cousin had forcefully drowned her to death did she finally see the true faces of her relatives. Beneath the surface, my gentle and amiable cousin, is the
Rural Female Detective audio latest full

Rural Female Detective

chu qiao
152 chapters
9 days ago
Once the little teacher crossed over, she became a peasant girl who was bullied all day long. She, who only wanted to peacefully cultivate and improve her life, had met the current crown prince by accident. The crown prince had thought highly of her ability to specialize in farming, and he also admi
Prince, I Won't Marry You audio latest full

Prince, I Won't Marry You

Baili Nan
138 chapters
9 days ago
Abandoned because of the low status of the mother because of the low status of the daughter sold for want of money for want of food killed because beautiful because character stubborn marry is the mother s entreaty is the lover s betrayal is the enemy s persecution in order to survive in order to be
The Beauty in the Peasant Family audio latest full

The Beauty in the Peasant Family

301 chapters
9 days ago
When he accidentally reincarnated into a village, he could only gnaw on the bark of the tree to see how Qin Wuya would get rich and live a good life.
The Thirteenth Princess audio latest full

The Thirteenth Princess

feng xiang pian bei
407 chapters
9 days ago
Duan Yunfei never expected that a dignified female hero like him would marry a jealous man. Even if he were to meet the Western Lion Protector out of respect, it would still cause him to go into a rage of jealousy."Mu Xianyang, this princess has said that I have business with him. If you dare to be
Abandoned Woman Can Farm audio latest full

Abandoned Woman Can Farm

Qian Xiao Niu
227 chapters
9 days ago
duan xiaohe crossed over and got on the bridal sedan chair the same day with a shake of his body he became the village's second wife it doesn't matter if your husband is too cowardly your wife will come in and cover you it didn't matter if the family was too poor it didn't matter if the family was
Anthomaniac Princess audio latest full

Anthomaniac Princess

Er Chun
162 chapters
9 days ago
"Seventh Prince, have you seen how well I've painted your smoky makeup today?" "Hong Liang, Miss Qiao has a sharp eye. She is to be escorted back to the mansion and is to be accompanied by Su Erzhong to treat Miss Qiao." "Hey, Seventh Prince, don't go yet. There's nothing wrong with my eyes, and I h
Royal Consort, Come to be Hooked audio latest full

Royal Consort, Come to be Hooked

Yan Yang Yu Hui
505 chapters
9 days ago
mo clan's daughter mo qingyan fell in love with the ninth prince at first sight and used her mother's family power to help him ascend to the throne however not only did he not get the last position he even saw her as her good friend getting poisoned to death the male lead lin zifeng was originally t
Reborn to be a Stepmother audio latest full

Reborn to be a Stepmother

446 chapters
9 days ago
Transmigrating to a lawless master and then directly upgrading to a little brat's stepmother. Xiao Ting said, "Crap, there's no need to even give birth to a child. God, I love you so much …"
Illegitimate Daughter's Revenge audio latest full

Illegitimate Daughter's Revenge

103 chapters
9 days ago
Before she died, Ji Zhen realized that she was wrong for the rest of her life. In her second life, she was determined to get back at those things that originally belonged to her. She wanted to stand at the top and watch as the people who used to laugh at her uselessness all fell into hell …
Prince, Not Tonight audio latest full

Prince, Not Tonight

mou R
119 chapters
9 days ago
If there is an afterlife department of fox - if there is an afterlife i would like to have no love and hate unrestrained arbitrary if there is an afterlife i would like to change the world between people no betrayal no suspicion no pain if there is an afterlife i would like to pay all the debts of t
The Cute Peasant Wife: Mian Niang audio latest full

The Cute Peasant Wife: Mian Niang

qing an nuan xia
321 chapters
9 days ago
Miaomiao's wish was very simple. She wanted to live a peaceful life. The husband is a sick man. It's all right, as long as he lives in peace. It's fine if my mother-in-law can become a demon, as long as she lives in peace. She had met that tyrannical and domineering young master of the Gu family. Sc
Medicine Phoenix audio latest full

Medicine Phoenix

Liu Yin Niang
421 chapters
9 days ago
he was the general's direct daughter, and her soul power was zero. An imperial edict had killed her entire family. Within the volcano range, the Phoenix awakened. Nirvana Rebirth!Three years later, she appeared again. There was a saying that went around the streets: Look, that piece of trash has ret
The Story of the Charming Empress audio latest full

The Story of the Charming Empress

Shui Youyou
99 chapters
9 days ago
Xiao shi princess of southern liang born in february was regarded as a nemesis by the empress and abandoned the countryside return to palace at 9 years old go to big sui and close in his lifetime he served six kings including yang guang yu wenghe dou jiande luo khan jie li khan and li shimin
Emperor's Command, Bring Queen Back audio latest full

Emperor's Command, Bring Queen Back

Song Fu Ren
158 chapters
9 days ago
Five years ago, she had fallen from the sky and landed on a pretty boy.Five years later, he set up the largest mysterious organization in the capital with his son.A certain little girl said, "Mother, Prince An has come to propose and grant you the position of wangfei."A certain woman painted her nai
Rebirth: Missing the Beloved audio latest full

Rebirth: Missing the Beloved

Ti Zi
110 chapters
9 days ago
In the last life, when she was young, she recognized her lover wrongly. She devoted her whole life to fighting the fire with moths but became a poor chess piece in others' hands. This life she wakes up, those who have lost her she wants to kill one by one. She is a devil from the local government. S
Rural Vixenish Wife: Raising and Farming audio latest full

Rural Vixenish Wife: Raising and Farming

mu qian qian
534 chapters
9 days ago
As soon as she opened her eyes, she became the notorious ugly woman of the village. She even had a soft and tender little bun in front of her along with her hunter husband. With a silver needle in hand, I have the world. Healing the sick to save people to earn a lot of money, flirting with the husba
You are the One and Only audio latest full

You are the One and Only

er shi wu du wen nuan
71 chapters
9 days ago
he originally wanted to go to the Qing Dynasty, but why did she come to this place? She was even married off as a young miss of the Prime Minister's Estate!Since you have come, I do not have the grace to fulfill your true love!Do you want to be the successor? Son, do you want it? Do you want it?
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