Author AmrutaShinde95

Rebirth to have a happy life audio latest full

Rebirth to have a happy life

119 chapters
1 month ago
This is the story about self-discovery, self-accepting & self-improvement. After getting the chance to go back in time she wanted to live happily and protect her loved once. With the system her journey of self-improvement & helping the people who are in need starts. But why she meet this handsome ma
A New Start : Quick Transmigration audio latest full

A New Start : Quick Transmigration

214 chapters
1 month ago
Have you ever been in love? What is more painful: watching your loved one in love with someone else the way you love him, which will kill your soul every second OR watching that person dying in front of you…. ….Reva stayed in prison for many years and still she didn't get her answers. She lost every
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