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Tai Gu Long Shen

The Moon Is Like Fire
232 chapters
13 days ago
Content Introduction:A long spear, a dragon lotus. Nine hundred years later, gentlemen, listen to this dragon chant and rise again!

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Chapter 2: Nine Hundred Years ago
Chapter 1: Canglan College
Chapter 3: Fighting for Destiny with Heaven
Chapter 7: Lang Jue's Unique Charm in the World
Chapter 4: Showing Sharpness
Chapter 11: One Sword Walking Alone
Chapter 5: The Power of One Fist!
Chapter 6: Red Flame Hymn
Chapter 18: The Lights on the Other Side
Chapter 8: Comparing Talent with Me?
Chapter 19: Rich Rewards!
Chapter 9: Si Xueyi, you have done all the bad things!
Chapter 21: Purple Prison Dragon Lotus
Chapter 42: Nine Changes in the Purple Jade Wind, Thunder, and Divine Sky
Chapter 27: True Dragon Blood
Chapter 57: The Promise of the Moonlight Sword Saint
Chapter 28: Xuanyin Bell
Chapter 61: I am a Humble Person
Chapter 17: Who Are You Asking Me?
Chapter 30: Only allow to see, not touch
Chapter 20: If the Clear Breeze Knows My Meaning
What is the cost of Chapter 70?
Chapter 31: The Promise of the Lord
Chapter 23: True Soul? I'm not that old anymore
Chapter 32: Ghost Hand Yan Tie
Chapter 75: Dragon Blood Treasure Horse
Chapter 76: Nine Star Heavenly Pill
Chapter 33: I am Invincible, You Feel Free
What do you think in Chapter 44? Stupid kid!
Chapter 26: Longling Treasure Vault
Chapter 35: Purple Jade Wind and Thunder
Chapter 24: Frost Moon Sword Technique
Chapter 43: Our Company's Snow Clothes!
Chapter 36: True or False
Chapter 88: Sword Saint Brother
Chapter 52: Crossing Canglong
Chapter 39: Changing Swords to Spears
Chapter 41: Natural Divine Power
Chapter 94: Coming But Not Going Unusual
Chapter 95: The Spirit of Xuanwu
Chapter 45:, then don't leave!
Chapter 46: Fury of the Mad God!
Chapter 58: Heaven, Earth, Mountains, and Rivers
There are still many good people in the 55th world
Chapter 59: Pianruo Floating Clouds Wearing Nishang
Chapter 48: Moonlight is too tempting for me
Chapter 22: Inventory Harvests
Chapter 60: Fortunately, Senior Brother is pretty enough
Chapter 62: Blood Hidden Palace Fang Qingyu
Chapter 15: Believing in Science

Novel Introduction

Content Introduction:A long spear, a dragon lotus. Nine hundred years later, gentlemen, listen to this dragon chant and rise again!

Latest chapter Tai Gu Long Shen

Chapter 233: Worship Me As A Divine Being!
Chapter 232: Cold And Warm In The World
Chapter 231: Xiaoyunyuan Fengziyu
Chapter 230: Si Xueyi, I'm In Baoding!
Chapter 229: The Dog Beating Sword Technique

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