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**use voice Google. We are fixing other voice. Chu Jiayi is not just the typical son of a nobleman or the poor orphan who randomly transmigrates to a better world. He is the greatest beauty of the Shouka Empire, besides being a talented cultivator and having a rare lineage, along with a special body

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Chapter 1 - The Death
Chapter 2 - The Jade Emperor's wife is a Fujoshi!
Chapter 3 - Jade Empress's Panties
Chapter 4 - Karla-03
Chapter 5 - The Renaissance went wrong, I was saved by the ex-machine god!
Chapter 6 - The Problem with Peach Nectar
Chapter 7 - Waking up in another world
Chapter 8 - The history of the New World
Chapter 9 - Am I the strange son of the family?
Chapter 10 - Am I Married?
Chapter 11 - My Husband is Odile Azikiwe (Part 1)
Chapter 12 - My Husband is Odile Aziwike (Part 2)
Chapter 13 - First Day Being an Omega (Part 1)
Chapter 14 - First Day Being an Omega (Part 2)
Chapter 15 - First Day Being an Omega (Part 3)
Chapter 16 - Filled with Satisfaction (Part 1)
Chapter 17 - Filled with Satisfaction (Part 2)
Chapter 18 - Back in the space with the system
Chapter 19 - Can I Be Pregnant?
Chapter 20 - Cultivation Method
Chapter 21 - Does my body have an FFF rating?
Chapter 22 - Forced to look for a better future
Chapter 23 - Waking up to a romantic roommate
Chapter 24 - The fury of an omega
Chapter 25 - Don't stay too far from me
Chapter 26 - Looks of Hostility
Chapter 27 - Meeting Lola
Chapter 28 - Little Star (part 1)
Chapter 29 - Little Star (part 2)
Chapter 30 - Odile's Concerns (part 1)
Chapter 31 - Odile's Concerns (part 2)
Chapter 32 - Conspiracies (part 1)
Chapter 33 - Conspiracies (Part 2)
Chapter 34 - Conspiracies (part 3)
Chapter 35 - Conspiracies (part 4)
Chapter 36 - The truth can be dangerous (part 1)
Chapter 37 - The truth can be dangerous (2)
Chapter 38 - Irrefutable Proposal
Chapter 39 - Irrefutable Proposal (2)
Chapter 40 - Soul Mate (1)
Chapter 41 - Soul Mate (2)
Chapter 42 - Nobles of the Diablo Empire
Chapter 43 - Nobles of the Diablo Empire
Chapter 44 - I’m too lazy to deal conspiracies (Part 1)
Chapter 45 - Too lazy for conspiracies (Part 2)
Chapter 46 - Emperor Diablo - Ada Azikiwe
Chapter 47 - Marshal Iyasu is treacherous
Chapter 48 - A ferocious secret guard
Chapter 49 - Shadows
Chapter 50 - Mu Liang's followers are very strong

Novel Introduction

**use voice Google. We are fixing other voice. Chu Jiayi is not just the typical son of a nobleman or the poor orphan who randomly transmigrates to a better world. He is the greatest beauty of the Shouka Empire, besides being a talented cultivator and having a rare lineage, along with a special body. Chu Jiayi had fame, fortune and various beauties at his disposal!Of course, everything would be perfect, if he had not been enchanted by a man, but not by any man, but the man who is destined to be the hero of this world or the typical MC, finally Chu Jiayi realized that he was just a cannon fodder for a poorly made plot by a shameless author who liked stallion Web Novels!Chu Jiayi died at the hands of a man he really liked, just because of a kiss! Yes, he died a death full of complaints!However, Heaven is not blind to its pain and suffering, so it has been given a chance to be reborn!Well, that's what he thought until a malicious, foreign soul tried to take over his body and devour his newly reborn soul!So heaven was once again merciful!Soon another stronger soul appeared and devoured the invading soul, but Chu Jiayi's soul was very weak and soon dissipated. When he thought he would finally die, he heard a rigid female voice:"Do you want to live?" Her voice had no emotion, which gave him a sense of cold indifference that a god has to a mortal."I want to live!" Chu Jiayi replied with his weak soul, so he felt something warm envelop him as if he had returned to his mother's arms in childhood."So live a good life, we'll take care of your family and turn the fate of your tragedy into something wonderful," the voice was from a woman and sounded kind and benevolent, unlike the first female voice that spoke to him. Chu Jiayi felt even more comforted, his whole soul became hot, and he finally let himself be carried away by that gentle, loving harm, closing his eyes to emptiness.When Chu Jiayi awakened again he was no longer in his original body and he is not in the world of martial cultivation either!“Hello, I am, Alessandra-66! Welcome, my new Host, imperial prince Mu Liang! ”An exciting young female voice sounded in Chu Jiayi's mind, now he is Mu Liang.Now that he found himself in a different world, with a body similar to his own, with a big, loving family, where robots and giant machines would be a new way humans cultivation, even his name was different, but mostly, he had to face it. the reality that he was an omega!Transmigrating to another world and another body, then taking revenge on who harmed the original owner?Alessandra-66: No need to! Your brothers have already solved these problems!Mu Liang: (...)So, to reach the pinnacle of power in this world and become a man above all men?Alessandra-66: Ehhhh! You are an omega, this is not possible and your body is XXX! That only serves to do fun things like XXX with men! Hehehe!Mu Liang: (...)So, to improve my powerful family relationship and prevent anyone from destroying my family?Alessandra-66: Host, do you have a sick mind? You are the fourth imperial prince, also very famous for being the most beautiful of the Interstellar Federation! There are thousands of people who want your favor! Many Alphas and Betas will open stars for your heavenly passage! The omegas admire you as if you were a male god!Mu Liang: (...)So, to achieve great beauty, get married and have several children to make my family happy?Alessandra-66: Well… you're already married! Your husband will come for you, but things will not be simple! Your husband is the third prince Zerg of a long dynasty! He has a permanently cold facial paralysis and is a powerful, blood-covered general! They call him the Battle Devil! Galactic internet rumors say he has been married a few times, but all the women could not stand the great general's XX and all fled away! There are even more perverted rumors…Mu Liang: (...)Can I die now?Alessandra-66: If you die now, your soul will dissipate!Mu Liang (...)

Latest chapter Martial Cultivator Transmigrates To The Future ABO

Chapter 162 - The Strange Curse of Emperor Caomh
Chapter 161 - I feel cheated
Chapter 160 - The Strange Emperor of the Holy Empire
Chapter 159 - Mother-in-laws and sons-in-law
Chapter 158 - I'm going to visit my son-in-law

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