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Game Entertainment Empire

Drink a glass of wine
1255 chapters
20 days ago
This is a story of playing games in parallel time and space, with a world’s “wealth” to achieve a game entertainment empire in another world.

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Chapter 1: Real dream
Chapter 2: I still want to try to do it, do the last one
Chapter 3: New beginning
Chapter 4: Project outsourcing
Chapter 5: Art style
Chapter 6: Will this game be fun? Really fragrant!
Chapter 7: People have no dreams, what is the difference with salted fish?
Chapter 8: Friend your number may be gone
Chapter 9: Demo
Chapter 10: This game is poisonous!
Chapter 11: Are you bragging?
Chapter 12: Agent issuance
Chapter 13: Crash
Chapter 14: The plot is very touching, my brother is crying
Chapter 15: This is the end of gambling!
Chapter 16: ?Screaming mulberry ± box⒒?/a>
Chapter 17: Game feedback
Chapter 18: Just not fun
Chapter 19: The pigeons are pulled back!
Chapter 20: Gosh, you swell!
Chapter 21: Listen to you
Chapter 22: It's still a long way to go
Chapter 23: Our home
Chapter 24: Not a threat
Chapter 25: So much play
Chapter 26: Recruitment and new projects
Chapter 27: JRPG is no longer mainstream
Chapter 28: What do you think is game art?
Chapter 29: Retro RPG
Chapter 30: I didn't mean it
Chapter 31: Nebula Studio
Chapter 32: Beautify memories
Chapter 33: Pixel games, not all to save money
Chapter 34: You are all people without blessings
Chapter 35: King Road JRPG
Chapter 36: Game element
Chapter 37: Line drawing and soundtrack
Chapter 38: demo version
Chapter 39: Don't you care about 1 o'clock?
Chapter 40: Steel Egg and Game Soundtrack
Chapter 41: Focus
Chapter 42: Do our own games
Chapter 43: The game is ready to go live
Chapter 44: Seen to be down?
Chapter 45: This is the game he wants
Chapter 46: I also want to learn to play games
Chapter 47: First day sales
Chapter 48: Oh, it's not bad
Chapter 49: game
Chapter 50: Why can you sell so much?

Novel Introduction

This is a story of playing games in parallel time and space, with a world’s “wealth” to achieve a game entertainment empire in another world.

Latest chapter Game Entertainment Empire

Chapter 1259: The story of death stranding
Chapter 1258: The core of the game: links
~: Something is going on today, just goo
Chapter 1257: Wonderful play experience
Chapter 1256: Controversy over death stranding

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