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Beneath the Embroidered Brocade

123 chapters
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A tale of a young girl as goes on her journey...~*There may be slow updates

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-2 Glossary
-1 Characters
1 A Difficult Birth
2 Can'st save my Beloved Consort?
3 Terror in Shui Xian Palace
4 Rumors
5 Result of a secret investigation
6 Unrest within the Imperial City
7 Argument over old master Shen's personal quarters
8 The Forbidden Ground
9 Raid on Shen manor
10 My lords, don'st go in there
11 The previous head imperial physician
12 Little girl
13 Secrets
14 Mad words of a dying man
15 Strange door
16 The explosion that shook the city
17 The Gongsun Clan
18 Uncle nephew talk
19 Aftermath
20 A fortune teller or charlatan
21 The abondoned temple
22 Blood or snow
23 One year feels like an eternity
24 Irresponsible guardian
25 An old hobby
26 I now know what I want to do
27 Cottage in the woods
28 Lost in thought, with delicious food
29 Dream of the waterfall
30 Smelling the wine
31 Serpent sword
32 Oyster shells and vinegar
33 Oyster shell coins
34 There are a lot of people in the forest lately
35 Testing on one's self
36 Self exploration in the poisonous fores
37 If you want to live, go lef
38 Are you trying to steal my food?
39 Testing poison on 'sguinea pigs's
40 The little red worm
41 Going to the border town for noodles
42 Gan Tian Chi's teachings
43 A room rented, a pouch of silvers
44 Matters of the hear
45 Indulgence and Drunkenness
46 The mysterious brothel
47 Stay safe out there
48 Gan Tian Chi's message

Novel Introduction

A tale of a young girl as goes on her journey...~*There may be slow updates

Latest chapter Beneath the Embroidered Brocade

Chapter 122 - Examining the Wound
Chapter 121 - The General Arrives
Chapter 120 - Getting Framed
Chapter 119 - Hiding in the Roof Tops
Chapter 118 - Enough Hatred

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