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Ascension of God

63 chapters
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1 Trash
2 The Heavens Smiled
3 Renewed
4 Training
5 Cultivate
6 Ancestral Aura
7 Examination of the Sec
8 Examination of the Sect Part 2
9 Examination of the Sect Part 3
10 Examination of the Sect Part 4
11 Examination of the Sect Part 5
12 Examination of the Sect Part 6
13 We Should Kill Them
14 The Midstep of Spirit's Dao
15 Spiritual Dimension
16 The Two Castles
17 The Second Inheritance
18 Pill of the Ten Warriors!
19 Entering the 7th Dao of Integration!
20 Alchemis
21 The Demon God's Cultivation Technique!
22 Meeting the Demon Blood Sec
23 Sword Dance
24 Hunting or Hunter
25 Conspiracy in Huang Di City!
26 The Truths!
27 Battle of the Titans!
28 Golden Claw of the Fighting Dragon God!
29 Anyway Hunter!
30 At the Gates of the Le Clan!
31 Second Encounter With Devil Sects!
32 Wrath
33 A New Era!
34 Extreme Cultivation Pill!
35 Deep Understanding of the Martial Path!
36 Difficulties on the Path to Alchemy!
37 The Dragon and the Tiger Awaken!
38 Departure!
39 Towards Turtle City!
40 Goddesses of Ice and Fire!
41 Together Against the Devil Sect!
42 Raiding
43 Between Life and Death!
44 One Last Lunge!
45 In Search of Shelter!
46 Reunion!
47 Night Ambush!
48 Setting New Goals
49 Arriving at Turtle City
50 Getting the Accounts Right!

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Latest chapter Ascension of God

63 Purple Flame Tree Square!
62 Business Problem!
61 The Residences of External Disciples!
60 Grand Elder Xia Tong!
59 The Purple Flame Sect!

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