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Aloof CEO's; Charming Secretary

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1 Sky, I need a job
2 The exception in her life
3 Awestruck at Andy's gorgeous smile
4 Brainless to Sensible questions
5 What about your wife?
6 I'll not repeat the same mistake
7 I can be your driver
8 You jerk, it was all because of you
9 six month probation period?
10 Burst out laughing
11 It's my trea
12 Your boyfriend is very lucky to have you.
13 His mom always loathed Sky
14 Distant and cold to Andy
15 Let me do it for you
16 Her opinion changed about him
17 I will leave everything and come to you
18 Only a few know her real identity
19 Womanizer
20 In your dreams!
21 You are drunk
22 You can leave now
23 Nowhere in sigh
24 Are you pigheaded?
25 Kissing his cheeks
26 Thank you Chipmunk
27 Now I have to return
28 His heart ached
29 Are you giving your heart to me?
30 Mr.Harley came to Barton's mansion
31 Had an argument with Mr.Harley
32 Sky asked with a puppy face
33 Are you out of your mind?
34 Aren't you the cold-blooded CEO now
35 Why are you muddle-headed today?
36 We don't want you
37 Who will kill you?
38 You better stay with me
39 My beautiful little princess
40 Gentle to murderous
41 Let's go and have fun
42 Can I lay him off too
43 I'm just helping a friend.
44 She is beautiful!
45 They are suspicious about Andy
46 You are brainless
47 you are a ruthless person.
48 You sure know how to talk.
49 He never could repay to Sky
50 Sky, Don't lie.

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Latest chapter Aloof CEO's; Charming Secretary

730 My personal secretary
729 I want to marry
728 A dyed baby monkey
727 A dyed baby monkey 1
726 Carrying twins

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