Novel Fantasy Audio

Novel Fantasy Audio

Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul audio latest full

Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul

Qianli Muchen
10745 chapters
7 days ago
A mediocre, low-born beggar, he relied on only his firm and indomitable spirit to desperately cultivate but still could not exceed the masses. Then by fortune’s favor, he awakened a long-extinct ancient martial soul. Since that day, he soared like a comet on the path of cultivation. From his humble
The Divine Urban Physician audio latest full

The Divine Urban Physician

The Wind Laughs
10157 chapters
10 days ago
“Serial killers? Ancient Martial Artists? Swordmasters? I don’t give a rat’s *ss who you are! All will bow before me!”Five years ago, his family was wiped off the face of this Earth, and the useless Ye Chen was looked down upon like an earthworm crawling on the floor. However, five years have passed
Alchemy & Martial Supreme audio latest full

Alchemy & Martial Supreme

Fei Xiang Wo Niu
8942 chapters
8 days ago
Qin Ming's martial foundation was damaged. Relying on his tenacious willpower, he had successfully awakened his divine alchemy ability.However, at the most critical moment in breaking through to the divine alchemy, he was killed by someone close to him.Unexpectedly, his soul returned to his childhoo
Strongest Dragon Slayer System audio latest full

Strongest Dragon Slayer System

8659 chapters
7 days ago
On the Long Continent, the dragon is overwhelming the heavens, bullying the world, and has the power to kill the human race. A once-in-a-lifetime figure on the earth was betrayed by his men. The soul penetrated Long Continent’s, Ning Qi, and activated the strongest dragon slayer system, and changed
Poison Doctor's Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) audio latest full

Poison Doctor's Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby)

Su Qing'er
8602 chapters
7 days ago
Grim Reaper Su; the chief gold medal killer of the world’s No. 1 terrorist organization, a well-designed accident caused the soul of this legendary figure of Grim Reaper to pass through… Su Ruoxi, Phoenix Dance Mainland, the third Miss Su Wangfu of Fengtian Kingdom. Born waste material, ugly, stupid
Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art audio latest full

Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art

wang zai lao man tou
8048 chapters
16 days ago
After Lin Feng walked out of a remote small town in the northernmost part of the world, a legend began. This is a world where the strong are like Lin Feng…
Tyrant Dragon Emperor audio latest full

Tyrant Dragon Emperor

Palm treasure
7606 chapters
10 days ago
The young man was so ridiculed for his wasted blood aptitude. Once he awakened the supreme bloodline, the dragon flew into the sky! From then on, the geniuses and martial arts giants all bowed their heads, and the nine heavens and ten earth trembled! Condensing the supreme Taoist body to achieve sup
The World That Tao Rules audio latest full

The World That Tao Rules

Ye Xing Yue 夜行月
7406 chapters
7 days ago
A mysterious youth who came from a mysterious village, didn’t have the Heart of Tao. Nor did he have the Tao Spirituality nor an unblocked Tao Physique. However, even in such a situation, he had his heart set on Tao and submitted himself to the Seeking-Tao Sect as a disciple and stepped on his way,
Apocalyptic God and Demon Record audio latest full

Apocalyptic God and Demon Record

Cold heaven
7131 chapters
7 days ago
What is the end times? Zombie? Monster? Zerg? No! Only when everything that mankind fears, worships, and even dreams becomes reality, is the real end of mankind! Resurgence of spiritual energy and re-casting of faith, this is a gluttonous feast for gods, Buddhas and demons, and the greatest catastro
The City's Almighty System audio latest full

The City's Almighty System

Trickery Enchantress
6980 chapters
16 days ago
Xia Ming, a university student who just graduated, accidentally got hold of a system. Xia Ming became powerful! Medical skills? OK, I don’t have the skills. But on the following day, even the highly skilled doctors couldn’t be compared to him.Force? OK, I’m not your match today but on the following
Pirate's Infinite Wings audio latest full

Pirate's Infinite Wings

Flowering on the Lingshang
6990 chapters
16 days ago
When he came to Fairy Tail, Fang Lang became a princess’s knight, a paladin, milky and tankable, and the legend of Fang Lang Knights began…
Everlasting audio latest full


Leo East
6628 chapters
10 days ago
WW Synopsis:This novel is about Chen Feng, a down on his luck kid of unknown origin, and the famed trash of a backwater sect. He is so unlucky, he even ended up getting struck by someone else’s Tribulation Lightning. And yet, maybe not.For when the Tribulation Lightning descended upon him, it trigge
Supreme Mad God audio latest full

Supreme Mad God

Tianyi Ice King 天翼冰皇
6432 chapters
16 days ago
The God of War is reborn, and he is in charge of Fengtianqi, the strongest pill, easily refined; the strongest animal, easily subdued; the most beautiful woman, throws in his arms.In this life, Tang Long vowed to honor the ten worlds, find his former mortal enemy, and avenge him.
Shocking Sword Emperor audio latest full

Shocking Sword Emperor

6297 chapters
10 days ago
A generation of young heroes, rising against the sky, stepping on the pride of the heavens, fighting the heroes, killing the devils, destroying the gods, all the way against the odds, achieving the ultimate sword emperor!"This world is destined to tremble under my feet!"
Anti-Sky Game System audio latest full

Anti-Sky Game System

Breeze Silver Moon
6224 chapters
16 days ago
This is a game system against the sky. Not only can it be exchanged and drawn into the film and television or animation space. More importantly, it can also play happily with the girl and see the reborn teenager, how to bring the system to the peak step by step!
My Brothers Are Geniuses While I'm The Useless One audio latest full

My Brothers Are Geniuses While I'm The Useless One

White Sky
6224 chapters
16 days ago
After her brothers disappear, she finally shows her true self.As the weak and delicate girl in the eyes of the world, she actually feels rather wronged. She is clearly very strong and, in fact, more outstanding than most men.Everyone knows that the useless Fifth Young Mistress of the Prime Minister
Super Dimensional Wizard audio latest full

Super Dimensional Wizard

Shepherd Fox
6054 chapters
7 days ago
The status of a wizard is transcendent in all continents and in the universal plane.Mysterious, wise, cruel and bloodthirsty are synonymous with wizards. But what does a real wizard look like?After coming into contact with the world of wizards, Angel came to the conclusion:Wizards are a group of peo
Everlasting Dragon Emperor audio latest full

Everlasting Dragon Emperor

Mu Tong Ting Zhu
5950 chapters
7 days ago
After being betrayed by the people he once loved, Lu Ming experienced the cold reality of the cultivation world. However, as chance would have it, he obtained the inheritance of a supreme expert who once suffered the same fate as him. Henceforth, the world shall tremble at the birth of the Everlasti
Dragon Soul Battle Sovereign audio latest full

Dragon Soul Battle Sovereign

Dugu Qiuzui
5946 chapters
4 days ago
In the early Primordial Era, the Divine Dragon Empire was in a struggle. Dragon corpses filled the fields, green dragons exploded, and six divine dragons turned into dragon pearls that scattered throughout the world.The young dragon flame had lacked a martial soul since young and had accidentally ob
Heaven-devouring Sword Emperor audio latest full

Heaven-devouring Sword Emperor

Fei Xue Qian Nian
5898 chapters
5 days ago
To save the life of the continents and seas, the number one warlord in the world, Loong Che, holding the Heaven Swallowing Sword, the Eight Desolate Demon Pagoda, massacred thousands of demons and sealed countless devils. It exhausted his blood and energy. Meanwhile, he was betrayed and murdered by